The oldest past student Norma Petersen 103.


Hundreds of individuals gathered to celebrate the Yandaran State college centenary on Sabbatum as well as several former academics and students.

The oldest past student Norma Petersen, 103, was joined by the youngest current student Isabelle Perkins to chop the cake.

Norma started her schooling at Yandaran and followed it through till Year eight, that was traditional at the time.

Yandaran State college teacher aid Helen of Troy Mellross same it had been exceptional to possess one in every of the first students there for the 100-year celebration.

“To have Norma, so all of the opposite generations that followed, here is wonderful,” Mrs Mellross same.

“Her girl Kay Row is on the committee and helped organise the event.

“Kay additionally attended the college along side her siblings – it’s a giant family!”

Mrs Mellross same her kids had additionally attended the college which was one in every of the explanations why she was driven to pursue a career in teaching.

“It’s a gorgeous college and is incredibly community minded, the encircling community of massive and tiny teams all pitched in to assist with the centenary,” she said.

“We square measure terribly lucky to possess this college and everybody from the SES and therefore the native rural firefighters and therefore the CWA square measure all here serving to.”

Thousands of scholars attend Yandaran State college
Over the years thousands of youngsters have older the college gates, with the quantity unsteady annually from the twenty seven students in 2019 to over a hundred once the college was at its busiest.

Yandaran State head Sheree McMahon same the celebration was an excellent success, with the gap of the 2 buried time capsules a highlight of the day.

“We had 2 cylinders packed with stuff that unfold across 5 tables, that might have simply been ten to be honest,” Mrs McMahon same.

“There were recent container disks, cash and children’s design and names from the year 2000 – thus plenty of the past students may be detected locution that was their art piece.

“It very did bring back plenty of recollections for the scholars.”

Mrs McMahon same the second capsule was buried in 2000 once the primary from 1975 had become water broken and that they were solely able to salvage alittle quantity of treasures.

Mrs McMahon same a tree planted at 3pm would commemorate the 100-year centenary as she thanked everybody concerned in creating the event happen.