Knowledge and information—information is essential to decision.


Given the importance of a university degree for each individual and social economic prosperity, policymakers and educators area unit targeted on strengthening the trail school to school to varsity on the far side college entry. during this report, we have a tendency to synthesize the prevailing literature on four factors key to academic attainment—aspirations and beliefs, tutorial preparation, data and knowledge, and courage and resilience—and the implications of every.

Aspirations and beliefs—the belief that school is feasible and integral to academic success. By establishing robust college-going cultures, positive role models, and practices that glorify and encourage a growth outlook, colleges will promote school aspirations associated school identity from an early age, a very important precursor to cultivating self-efficacy.

Academic preparation—the skills one develops so as to interact with college- level work area unit hooked in to a student’s course of study. whereas students generally self-select into a course of study, several structural dimensions constrain this selection, leading to persistence difference in academic pathways.

Current efforts have targeted on addressing disparities in info offerings, significantly in school entrance courses, however additional work is required to handle variations among colleges in tutorial rigor and disparate access to advanced work inside colleges.
Knowledge and information—information is essential to decision-making within the college-going process

Fortitude and resilience—an intrinsic set of social-emotional competencies and self-management skills necessary for people to interact additional absolutely with tutorial content, navigate school and geographic point processes, and persist through challenges.